About Homeopathy

Dr. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN the originator of Homeopathic system of medicine, has ideal of curing disease with rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health.

The homeopathic treatment is a symptomatic treatment. The symptoms as apparent are recorded and analysed in order to choose a medicine. There is not a single drug, used without knowing its effect on healthy human being, hence there is no shooting in dark. It is based on easily comprehensible principles, & most harmless way to treat without any side effects. The system operates only on symptomatology by large, without expensive means of diagnosis or laboratory test.

The pioneer of Homeopath Dr. Hahnemann was born on April 10, 1755.A German physician was practicing as alopath, when he formulated the principles of Homeopathy. He formulated the law of “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR” OR LIKE CURE LIKE. He came to conclusion that a drug which could, through excessive administration, produce certain symptoms of the body and mind, could cure the same symptoms, if administered in homeopathic doses.
Homeopathy is system of medicine that uses natural substances which come from the mineral, vegitable & animal kingdom. They are manufactured in a manner that does not render toxic effect, hence no side effects are found.

Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, Dr.C.Hering, Dr.T.F.Allen, Dr.William Boricke & Dr.E.B.Nash, have made extensive research & provings of medicine and thereby have introduced new system of cure. We can express our indebtness to them.