Vitiligo is a skin condition of white patches, resulting from loss of pigment; and the victim of such disease is humiliated and boycotted by people. This is really an unfortunate situation. If the victim is a woman then she is depressed because she has lost her beauty and charm as well and she becomes a victim of social humiliation.No one knows how to get cured of the disease. Those who make efforts to cure the disease are discouraged. The more you try to cure the disease the more it develops and spreads.
The research has proved that, Homeopathic treatment has improved many cases.

Causes of Leucoderma

It is an Auto-Immune disease. It usually starts as a small white spot on the part of the skin and spreads gradually and parasymetrically. The skin consists of certain pigments medically known as ‘MELANIN’, of which the primary function is to give color to the skin. With the passage of time, surface of the skin continues to be invisibly thrown off and constantly renewed from below and thus maintains its color naturally. If Melanocyte stops process of making MELANIN, then, in such cases this disease exhibits itself by showing a white patch on that part of the body. The abnormal functions of Melanocyte is not known.

Leucoderma appears due to an external injury or burns. It has been generally observed that, there is a history of worm infestation, chronic dysentery, abnormal thyroid function, long lasting malaria or typhoid, also in children, after a history of chickenpox or smallpox.

It is also observed that there is a history of fast spreading Leucoderma after long exposure or swimming for long period in the sun or in summer. So long exposure in the sun must be avoided; although a short period or a limited specified period of sun exposure helps in curing leucoderma.

Though there is no definite pattern of the inheritance but, about 30% of the sufferers have a family history of the condition.