Exposure & Medicine


Exposure can be of following types:
Sun Exposure : Between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for 10 to 15 minutes.
Ultra Violet Exposure : At any time day or night.

  1. Dark glasses must be worn during the exposure or close the eyes.
  2. On very first and second day, the time for taking exposure is 60 seconds, then raise 60 seconds on every alternate day.
  3. When spots get reddish, the same time of exposure is to be maintained for one month. The reddish color should last for 24 hours. If it does not, then the time should be raised till the patch turns red.
  4. Once the spot becomes red, the same time of exposure should be maintained till the patch is completely cured.
  5. Exposure is not to be taken twice on any spot.
  6. After taking exposure on any spot, it should be covered by a piece of cloth, while taking the exposure on the other spot.

DR. Jobanputra uses high quality equipment for his treatment procedure. The equipment he uses are displayed below with their high tech features.

Facial Solarium

(1) UVA.
(2) Four 28 cm Flourescent Tubes.
(3) 75 watts.
(4) 60 Minute Timer With Auto Switch Off.
(5) 2 Tanning Session Counters.

Full Body Solarium

(1) RUVA.
(2) 1.5 m long with 5 Tubes.
(3) 400 watts.
(4) 30 Minute auto Timer.
(5) Remote Control.


    Keep the interval of five hours between the six tablets to be taken per day. Out of these six tablets, two tablets to be chewed five minutes before the exposure.
  • POWDER :
    One packet of powder to be taken two hours before the exposure on every alternate day.
  • NOTE :
    Apply coconut oil everyday on every spot before exposure and also in the morning and evening daily.