Vitiligo is the result of the disappearance of Melanin pigments from the skin. There is malfunctioning of Melanocyte cells underlying at the root of the hairs. The reason behind the malfunctioning is not known. There are few theories exiting.

    • The body's immune system may not allow the proper functions of melanocytes and it becomes susceptible to injury, hard pressure which gives mark on the body like tight elastic, which disturbs the blood circulation of the skin.
    • There is a past history that after the long illness of Typhoid, Malaria, abnormal Thyroid functions, Chronic Dysentery, and in children after chickenpox, or Smallpox, Anaemia.
    • Long exposure in Sun esp. in summer, or swimming in sea shore for long time in summer have shown fast spreading White Patches in a person suffering from vitiligo, so it must be avoided.

YES, but there is no pattern of inheritance. About 30 % have family history of the condition.

No, The HOMEOPATHIC medicines have helped about 80 %, and shows improvement within 30 to 40 days and complete cure may be visible between 12 to 18 months.

No. It is not infectious, it is only a cosmetic problem & it tarnishes the beauty of the human body.